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Cursive First by Elizabeth FitzGerald
An Introduction to Cursive Penmanship

Cursive First has been voted 1st by homeschoolers for their favorite Handwriting programs. Readers of the Practical Homeschooling Magazine rated all the products with which they were personally familiar on the basis of product quality.

This package contains a teacher's manual, practice sheets, and cursive phonogram cards. The practice sheets can be copied as needed for all the students in your family or classroom. Cursive First can be used with a beginner just learning how to write or with an older student who is transitioning to cursive. It has been designed to coordinate with the instructions found in The WISE Guide for introducing the phonograms.

For a complete description of this package and to see a sample of the cursive, please go to the Cursive First page.

A teacher of a classroom or a single homeschool only needs one copy of Cursive First, since everything is non-consumable and reproducible. If you are ordering for a school or for another teacher, then you would need multiple copies.

While Cursive First was written to coordinate with Spell to Write and Read, many teachers using other phonics or reading programs are discovering the benefits of this penmanship method and are using it along with their other curricula. It is recommended that teachers who are not using SWR at least have the 70 Basic Phonogram Cards since these are needed to make Cursive First a complete set for non-SWR users. If you are purchasing or already have the SWR Core Teacher's Kit, your phonogram cards are already included.

Cursive First $20.00

Cursive First & 70 Basic Phonogram Cards $35.00
Save $2 when purchased as a set


The cost of the complete package with the 70 Basic Phonogram Cards moves the shipping charges into the next tier for shipping charges. If this is your only purchase, we will refund the excess fees.

Extra Set of Cursive First Phonogram Cards
blank Cursive First Book blank
A set of the 26 cursive phonograms (a-z) plus instructional cards (house diagram and clock face) just like the ones found in the complete Cursive First packet. Whether you've misplaced some of your original cards, want a set for an additional student, or want to update your cards from the first edition, these cards are intended to supplement your original packet. These cards are not intended to be used alone to teach Cursive First. The teacher also needs the Teacher's Manual and practice pages found in the complete Cursive First packet (see above).

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Individual Student Chart for Cursive First by Elizabeth FitzGerald
An 8" x 10 1/4" copy of the Alphabet/Number page from Cursive First, on bright yellow, laminated card stock. Post in the student's work area for instant access and reference.

Quick Response Sleeve

For a larger view, click here.

Comprised of two sturdy and durable sheets of plastic, the side-loading design allows interchangeable worksheets to be easily slipped inside. Promote active learning--turn any book into an activity sheet. Great for any and all subjects. Save paper! Students write on the Response Sleeve, not the worksheet.

Each sleeve includes:
  • Instructions and idea sheet
  • Clock face page for penmanship practice
  • Phonogram Quiz page
  • Spelling Quiz pages (with and without dotted half line)
  • Paragraph writing and illustration page
  • One low ordor dry-erase marker AND one microfiber cleaning cloth

Current sleeve colors include florescent red, yellow, orange, pink and green.
Current marker colors include blue, green, black, and red.
Note: Please indicate your first and second color choices in the "Comments" section on the shopping cart.

Special pricing for multiple quantities!

1 Quick Response Sleeve for $8.50

2 Quick Response Sleeves for $16.50

3 Quick Response Sleeves for $24.00

4 Quick Response Sleeves for $30.00

5 Quick Response Sleeves for $35.00

Please indicate color choices for sleeves and markers in the shopping cart "Comments" box.

Dry-Erase Lapboards and Accessories

LAPBOARDS: A double-sided, 9" x 12 ", dry-erase handwriting board with one side clearly marked with red lines for the "base" lines and blue for the "top guide" lines. The other side is blank. Perfect for students practicing letter formation or spelling.

MARKERS: Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers. Great for use on dry-erase marker boards. We currently have the following colors available: black and red.

CLEANING CLOTHS: These durable, safe, 6" x 6", blue cloths will wipe all of your dry-erase boards clean. The microfiber cloths can be washed and reused over and over again.

Double-sided Lapboard

Dry-Erase Marker

Dry-Erase Marker

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Lapboard Set
(1 lapboard + 1 marker + 1 cloth)

SWR 6" Ruler

Students can use this red 6"ruler to make neat brackets and underlines in their learning logs. This useful tool is a must-have as the students learn to spell, write, and read by making their own personal text book. Ruler is made from a sturdy plastic.


Salt Box as recommended in Cursive First

Imagine teaching your student how to write without a pencil or paper! Teaching penmanship is all about motor patterns, not reproducing visual images by copying or tracing. Per the recommendations in Cursive First, a salt box is a great way to reinforce developing motor patterns while allowing the child tactile and kinesthetic feedback.

A simple but sturdy 9x12x2 inch cardboard box and lid which come cut, scored, and ready for taping. Ideal size for writing multiple letters or short words. Low enough sides to allow the student easy access to the writing surface.

Construction paper for "floor" of box and assembly instructions included.

Box lids are currently available in yellow only.

Yellow Lid Salt Box $2.50

Neat Writing Stamp
Sometimes students need a gentle reminder to strive for better penmanship. Use this rubber stamp on their papers to let them know you're watching for neater work.

The hardwood maple mount is shaped and finished with the top permanently stamped for easy identification and orientation. The die is deeply etched and closely cropped with the foam backing trimmed away for a perfect image every time.

For other stamps to encourage good work, see our Teacher's Extras page.


We recommend the stamp for teaching beginning penmanship and writing of the "clock" letters as well as how to tell time. This rubber stamp is set on a hardwood base with a foam cushion for even impressions. It has a deep rubber die for clearer image, and the design is printed on top for orientation.


Stetro Pencil Grips
The most recommended grip, Stetro fits on a traditional pencil and is often used with older students who are holding their pencil awkwardly. An awkward pencil grip leads to hand fatigue and often poor penmanship. The grip can be used with either a righthanded or lefthanded student and helps position the fingers around the writing instrument in the correct tripod grip. Stetro Grips are latex free. Instructions are included.

The Stetro is the pencil grip recommended in Cursive First.

Pencil grips should be used with adult supervision. Not for children under the age of 5. Choking hazard.

Grips are available in different colors. Please specify in the "comments" section of the shopping cart which colors you would prefer: hot pink, florescent orange, bright yellow, kelly green, royal blue, black, and fire engine red.
$.75 EA

$2.50 /5 grips

The Spelling Word Bank by Elizabeth FitzGerald
The Spelling Word Bank helps provide spelling review, practice with alphabetizing, and a meaningful activity for penmanship practice, independent work, and phonogram reinforcement. See page 8 in The WISE Guide for an explanation of a similar activity.

This little packet provides you with instructions and masters for setting up a Word Bank binder for your student(s). The masters are reproducible, so you only need one packet per family or classroom. You provide your own binder, the alphabetical dividers, and copies of the masters.

For a complete description of this packet, please go to the The Spelling Word Bank page.


Writing Journal


Used by beginners for sentence writing, penmanship practice, recording Wise Guide reinforcement activities, and other writing activities. Keep all "extra" work in one place. Use the student's own writing as his "reader" until he's ready to read what others have written in books.

Spiral bound book with 50 narrow ruled, newsprint pages. Lines have 1/2" spacing and a red baseline. 8" wide x 10 1/2" long.


Story Journal


One of the first "readers" a beginning student should read includes his own writing. This classic composition book gives primary students plenty of room to write and illustrate their ideas! Excellent for SWR supplemental activities and sentence writing.

This classic composition book has 100 sheets of lined paper ruled at 1/2" with blank drawing space on top. Book is 7 1/2" x 9 3/4".