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The McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading Five Volumes in One
A non-consumable series of comprehension tests. This is a reprint of the original 1926 work which was last updated in 1961. Replacement dummied down versions that bear the same name are also on the market. The distinquishing mark is the the copyright date.

This is the best tool we have found to help a student improve comprehension. The student is given three minutes to read a short selection and answer multiple choice questions. The topics are interesting and varied. The questions have been carefully constructed to test all the key skills in understanding what we read such as detecting the sequence, getting the main idea, identifying facts, making inferences, and more. Each lesson is normed by ability level. The teacher can quickly see how well the student comprehends in relationship to his grade level. This invaluable tool will help you evaluate reading ability, teach comprehension techniques, chart individual student progress, and improve standardized test scores.

The book can be used again and again because each student writes his answers on a separate piece of paper (a master form for answers can be photocopied from the answer key). Bound in hardback for lasting use for years to come. Home educators can pass this book on to the next generation. Schools can order a set which can be rotated between different classes on a schedule and last for many years of use.

This single volume combines five years of reading selections, 78 lessons per volume. The reading range covers from first grade to post graduate levels.

Guide and Answer Key (below) must be ordered separately.

The McCall-Crabbs Guide and Answer Key
This manual and answer key accompanies the McCall Crabbs A-E text and gives instructors help in using the book along with answers to each lesson. Highly recommended for use with the McCall Crabbs A-E book. It must be ordered separately and contains the following:

Description of the Books' Contents
Directions for Using the Standard Test Lessons
Answer Keys for Books A-E
Index to Reading Selection Difficulty
Student McCall-Crabbs Record Blank
Chart for Measuring Reading Ability by Chronological Age


Introduction to Reading Comprehension


The Comprehension Connection: User's Guide with Passage Analysis and Answer Keys
Teaching reading comprehension begins with instruction in passage structure and the mental actions necessary for comprehending new information. One of the best ways to teach this is to start with listening comprehension where the child can focus on these processes rather than on decoding. We start with McCall-Harby and have students learn to think and reason about ideas and information. When these skills have become automatic, the child then practices using them in the reading context with either the remaining passages in this book or with McCall-Crabbs Book A. Soon the student will be applying these same techniques when reading in science, math, social studies, and other content areas.

This User's Guide includes instruction about passage structure, the five mental actions, and other considerations to be made when working on reading comprehension with your students. It also includes specific passage analysis and answer keys for every entry in McCall-Harby and McCall-Crabbs Book A.

Because of the passage analysis information included, these books are a great resource for beginning writing activities as found in the curricula offered by The Institute for Excellence in Writing.


McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Primary Reading (K-1st grade)
A non-consumable collection of 30 different, interesting and amusing one-page stories for the primary years. Use this book as a tool to build listening and/or reading comprehension skills and to prepare your student for diagnostic tests.

This reprint of the original 1965 edition is now published in a larger, easier-to-read format with glossy cover.


McCall-Harby & Answer Key
(2-book set)