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The Alpha List: A Dictionary Focusing on the Logic of English Spelling
by Wanda Sanseri
A typical dictionary shows how to spell a word but not why it is spelled that way. The recently updated Alpha List analyzes 2300 high frequency and/or commonly misspelled words, divides them into syllables, uses SWR markings, and cites rules, derivatives, points of interest, and their location in The WISE Guide.

This book is not restricted to users of SWR. Our marking system is summarized and our rules are provided. If a child misspells a word, now you can have a resource to successfully explain it phonetically.

The Alpha List is an invaluable resource for the SWR teacher, especially with Advanced students!


Cursive First by Elizabeth FitzGerald
An Introduction to Cursive Penmanship

Cursive First has been voted 1st by homeschoolers for their favorite Handwriting programs. Readers of the Practical Homeschooling Magazine rated all the products with which they were personally familiar on the basis of product quality.

This package contains a teacher's manual, practice sheets, and cursive phonogram cards. The practice sheets can be copied as needed for all the students in your family or classroom. Cursive First can be used with a beginner just learning how to write or with an older student who is transitioning to cursive. It has been designed to coordinate with the instructions found in The WISE Guide for introducing the phonograms.

For a complete description of this package and to see a sample of the cursive, please go to the Cursive First page.

While Cursive First was written to coordinate with Spell to Write and Read, many teachers using other phonics or reading programs are discovering the benefits of this penmanship method and are using it along with their other curricula. It is recommended that teachers who are not using SWR at least have the 70 Basic Phonogram Cards since these are needed to make Cursive First a complete set for non-SWR users. If you are purchasing the SWR Core Teacher's Kit, your phonogram cards are already included.

Cursive First $20.00

Cursive First & 70 Basic Phonogram Cards $35.00
Save $2 when purchased as a set


Please note: The cost of the complete package with the 70 Basic Phonogram Cards moves the shipping charges into the next tier for shipping charges. If this is your only purchase, we will refund excess fees.

Spelling Dictation Bookmark: Guide for Quick Reference by Wanda Sanseri
SpellingGuide.jpg XtraAttenWords.jpg
A laminated 4 1/4" x 11" card stock bookmark with spelling dictation help for the SWR Teacher! One side includes a quick reference for the spelling dictation procedure while the other side includes examples of each of the different "Think to Spell" situations discussed in SWR. A must-have for any SWR Teacher, new or experienced!



Advanced Phonogram Cards by Silvia Mondragon

In Wist List N, we start teaching the Advanced Phonograms. These hard stock flash cards were designed by Silvia Mondragon, Endorsed SWR Trainer from TN, for teaching ease with these more rare phonograms.

This packet includes cards for the 24 advanced phonograms on the front, while on the back invaluable background and teaching cues are listed. Also included is an overview of the advanced phonograms, the sounds they say, and sample words from the Wise List in which they're found as well as pictures of several fingergrams for Wise words to help the teacher with this valuable teaching tool.

Customers need to cut apart and laminate the cards for added durability and to help the cards last through long-term use.



While teaching in a second grade classroom, author and Endorsed SWR Trainer Nicole Cull found little time to help the children set up their assignments for the valuable WISE Guide reinforcement activities. She put together ready-made worksheets so the children could work independently on these great enrichment ideas.

Don't let the name fool you! There are plenty of language arts activities covered in addition to grammar! Each worksheet is coded so you'll know with which WISE List section it coordinates, and at least one worksheet for each section includes a segment for a phonogram quiz so you won't forget this important review. Cute graphics decorate the pages to encourage and motivate your students.

My WISE Grammar Book consists of two packets, each covering different sections of the WISE List. Lists A-K cover material for K-2nd Grade while Lists L-O cover spelling words for 3rd through mid-4th grades.

These supplement packets are not intended to replace your teaching, but rather they are intended to help you and your students accomplish more of the reinforcement activities in less time!

Click here for sample pages from the two different packets.

My Wise Grammar
Packet A-K

My Wise Grammar
Packet L-O

Save $2
My Wise Grammar
Packets A-K & L-O


Phonogram Bingo by Britta McColl
Bingo is a good warm-up game for reviewing the phonograms that are new or that need the most work. This unique set of Phonogram Bingo cards follows the most up-to-date order for teaching in Spell to Write and Read. Cards vary from including the clock face letters, the rest of the alphabet, and all the multiletter phonograms in the order they are introduced in the WISE Guide. Some cards even include phonograms in cursive for extra reading practice. The set includes 14 cards printed on high quality card stock paper.

This set includes enough cards for a two-player game. If you want more players, you are given permission to photocopy as many as you need for your entire family or classroom.

Phonogram Fun Packet by Beall's Learning Games
Games for reinforcing the basic phonograms and spelling rules. Contains a two-sided color, laminated board with cards and playing pieces to play up to 10 games. Basic game board and pieces can be used interchangeably with other game packets to also teach math facts, U. S. and World geography. Have four children playing together, each studying their own subject! See our Games page for other game sets to add on to your Phonogram Fun Packet!


The Spelling Word Bank helps provide spelling review, practice with alphabetizing, and a meaningful activity for penmanship practice, independent work, and phonogram reinforcement. See page 8 in The WISE Guide for an explanation of a similar activity.

This little packet provides you with instructions and masters for setting up a Word Bank binder for your student(s). The masters are reproducible, so you only need one packet per family or classroom. You provide your own binder, the alphabetical dividers, and copies of the masters.

For a complete description of this package, please go to the The Spelling Word Bank page.